Golf Shoes – Though Not Required but Highly Recommended

Golf Shoes

Rarely do golf courses require putting on the golf shoes while playing golf and allow playing the game with any shoes that do not hurt greens. On the other hand, golf shoes have stylistically evolved over the recent decades and the golf shoes available in the market today are in various colors and styles, with different functions and price ranges, and with much more options particularly for ladies and kids as well.

Golf shoes are designed particularly for playing golf and thereby ensure that the foot does not slides during the swing and enough traction to the ground is provided to the player. During a golf swing, lateral, downward, and rotational pressure is exerted on the golfer’s feet. Golf shoes are particularly engineered to handle these pressures while ensuring that the golfer’s feet is in place. If any of the golfer’s feet slides or slips during the swing, the swing is most likely to result in a terrible golf shot. Hence, the success of a golf player, particularly a beginner, rests on the functionality of the shoes he or she is wearing.

The famous brands that offer golf shoes are Adidas, FootJoy, Nike, ECCO, Puma, Under Armour, Skechers, etc. These brands offer a huge range of products for men, women, and kid golfers. There was a time when golf shoes had been marked with their lacing systems in place and their spikes. However, with the advancements in technology, the most advance of the golf shoes available in the market today are the spikeless, no lacing shoes that not only give serious performance but also ensure that the shoe is cuddled around your feet so as to ensure the perfect swing.

Some golf shoes are even featuring a disc-closure system instead of the conventional lacing system and use just a twist of a dial for securing the shoe closely around the golfer’s foot. Moreover, spikeless shoes available now could not only be worn virtually everywhere but they offer superior performance as well. In addition to the lacing systems and spikes, the traction elements have also become much more sophisticated and in accordance to the movement of the golfer’s feet. These features not only improve the performance at the course but also ensure that the golfer complies to the golfing etiquette of not hurting the greens.

Golf shoes have evolved over a period of time and those available today include the ones that provide the perfect traction on ground, high level of comfort, maximum grip for preventing foot slippage while ensuring natural feet movement, water resistance, and a high degree of style and class. There are shoes available in different materials: leather, GoreTex, synthetic; and shoes with different lacing systems: Velcro fastening, conventional shoe lacing, and proprietary lacing systems. In order to give your children’s the complete relaxation on the golf course, get comfortable kids golf shoes to make sure they will enjoy the game. In addition to this, golf shoes are of different types, spiked, spikeless, sandal, and boot. There are golf shoes particularly designed for not only men and women but for junior golfers as well.

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