Tips for Making Nut Butter Using Food Processor

Making Nut Butter

A food processor, can be helpful in a lot of ways. Whether you have to chop vegetables, knead dough, shred a block of cheese or make some creamy nut butter, if you have a food processor, you have nothing to worry about. Chopping vegetables may take half an hour for amateurs like me. If you have a food processor, you can get the job done in minutes, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur or a pro. Visit Choose food processor today to find the best food processor to make your life easier and more exciting in the kitchen. One can go on and on about the benefits of having a food processor, however, that is not the purpose of this article. Here I will give you a few tips to keep in mind when making nut butter using your food processor.

  1.    Some people use blender to make nut butter. However, the best option for this task is a food processor. The reason is that with a blender it will be very difficult to scrape out all the butter from the bottom of the jug. With a food processor, which has a wider and shallower bowl as compared to a blender, scraping out the butter from the walls and the base would be much easier. This way you will be wasting much less of your precious nut butter.
  2.    At some point, you might think that the recipe is not going to work and all your time and money has been wasted. This is because the mixture will appear crumbly and nowhere near a smooth butter, but keep processing and it will eventually turn into butter once the oils have been released from the nuts.
  3.    Do not, under any circumstances, add liquids to the butter because they will separate from the oil, disturbing the consistency of the mixture. You can add a little oil to make your butter smooth but no water based liquids otherwise you will spoil the butter beyond repair.
  4.    If you have to add oil, add it at the very end of the process. This is because the nuts will release their own oils as well and if you have added oil in the beginning you might get a butter that is too thin. After the nuts have released their oils, you will know exactly how much oil to add, if at all needed, to achieve the right consistency.
  5.    Roast your nuts lightly in the oven before making into nut butter to enhance the flavor. But in doing so, you need to be especially careful not to burn the nuts. Even if slightly burnt, they would add bitterness to the flavor. Also, processing the nuts while they are still a little warm, will release more oils and thus enhance the flavor.
  6.    Turn the machine off at intervals to prevent the motors from being overworked and possible burnout. Let it run for a couple of seconds, turn off and wait for a couple of seconds before resuming.

Specifically designed food processors are available for making baby food as well. You can visit our Baby Food Maker Buyer’s Guide (2017) to learn more.

Coming Back to Shape after Pregnancy

Having a little baby snuggling in your arms is one of the best feelings one could experience. Despite the beauty of this feeling many new mothers undergo postpartum depression or baby blues after giving birth. Though experts are unable to figure out the exact reason behind this depression however; weight gain has been attributed to be amongst the contributors of postpartum depression. When new moms look into the mirror and see that the weight they have been carrying since the past nine months is still not decreasing despite various efforts; they feel depressed. If you are amongst these mommies then feel good for yourself and your baby and have the expert advice for shedding those extra pounds!

Mother Nature has endowed new moms with a self weight reducing phenomenon— breastfeeding. It is generally believed that breastfeeding could considerably help when it comes to post pregnancy weight lost. Breastfeeding not only decreases your weight but also provides the right nutrients to the baby at the right time. It develops and strengthens the mother baby bond and thereby aids in lowering the post partum depression. Though breastfeeding could be greatly beneficial for weight loss however; care must be taken as breastfeeding increases appetite and if proper diet is not followed, one might not be benefiting from the true results.

Having a proper diet means to eat healthy foods such as whole grains, meat, poultry, vegetables, fruits, and nuts in the right quantities while avoiding fatty and unhealthy food. A breastfeeding mom must take care of her liquid intake and have a healthy balanced diet. New moms should eat three regular meals and two snacks so that they could control their hunger.

Apart from breastfeeding and healthy diet, another key factor of postpartum weight reduction is having regular workouts. Although one must ask for the doctor’s consent before devising the right workout plan. The abdominal muscles particularly are quite loose after childbirth and hence targeting these muscles while working out could be extremely beneficial for tightening the belly after pregnancy. Wearing a waist trainer could also help you tremendously for having a well toned belly. It could also support and improve your posture and aid in providing bust support. You must choose waist trainer that best suits your needs and preferences. Another key feature of a waist trainer is that you can wear it whenever you want and could hide it under your clothing. It can thereby accentuate your figure when you dress up. You can also follow exercises for waist training so as to reduce and tone your bulging tummy.

Weight loss after pregnancy could be achieved when breastfeeding, healthy diet, regular exercises, and the use of a waist trainer are embraced in combination. In isolation any of these strategies might be showing limited results however; when used in combination they would yield exquisite results. If you are committed to lose your pregnancy weight then go ahead and follow these tips to have a well toned and shaped body just as before!